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383 build advice

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Posted: 03/25/13 02:35 PM

I'm building a 383 stroker to put in a 1980 Monte Carlo. So far i bought many parts that turned out to not be what i was looking for. I have a stock GM 350 block bored 30 over for the 400 eagle crank rotating assembly, speed pro flat top pistons, 5.7 connecting rods with afr bolts, i have a elgin cam with flat tappet lifters which i wanna replace with a hydraulic roller cam("This hydraulic roller design is used on the 383 truck and Ramjet 350. The duration at lash point in degrees (intake/exhaust) is 288/308; duration at .050" tappet lift (intake/exhaust) is 196/206 and maximum lift with 1.5:1 rocker ratio (intake/exhaust) is 431/451. Valve lash is zero/zero and lobe centerline is 109 degrees".) That was a quote from the Jegs website about the cam part number 14097395. I have a weiand stealth dual plane intake part number WEI8150, i have stock GM cylinder heads that i'm willing to replace or rebuild cause i'm not sure of the specs on it. I have a proform gear drive kit for timing. In the near future i'm throwing on a twin turbo kit with the intercooler and everything included. I have a yukon 7.5 10 bolt rear end differential going in towards the end of the build and i actually need advice on which trans to use between the th350 or a th400 part numbers B&M#130-113001 or B&M#130-112002. I want this car to be a daily driver and run on 92 octane. I need advice on choosing the right heads and cam to match up with this weiand 8150 dual plane intake. And as far as the heads i need to know what size valves and valve springs would be the best match for that 383 camshaft  

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Posted: 03/25/13 05:51 PM

jayjillz79 welcome to Super Chevy:

I having a problem with your Part/Numbers. Please help me out.

1.The Stealth intake. All I see with a number even close to yours is
Jegs #925-8150. Not 18150 and its not a Stealth Intake. Its a Weiand Speed Warrior intake, with a SQ. Flange that has a 1500 to 6700RPM range priced for $141.99

2.The Roller Cam P/N is good. It not a good match to your intake manifold. In other words you will need a bigger Cam with that intake you show.

3.Just a little FYI. About a year ago there was some concern about the Eagle Crank rotating assemblies. There were cracking in high stress areas. This means that it still will show up even with low to moderate engine speeds...

4.Do us a favor please. When you show your build up try to break down the parts seperated. This way we can follow exactly what you want us to without getting confused.

5.I really like starting up with a new build such as yours. Its great to see it all come together.

Like I said your cam is not in the same ball-park as the intake you chose. Okay and with that said. There are GURUs that have many years experience with engine building, and making combinations work. Help us help you...


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