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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 10/15/12 01:56 PM

I need to know if it is possible to put a regular carbed 5.7 350 small block into my 1999 Chevy K1500 pickup. The pickup had a throttle body in it but the engine blew so I found a cheap carbed. I just need to know what it takes to convert the carbed to a throttle body. The bottom end of the TBI is bad but the top end is still good so I was going to take the top end and put it on the carbed.    Please respond Thank you  

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Big Block power for the win
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Posted: 10/15/12 04:22 PM

SheldonB Welcome to Super Chevy.
  You didn't mention the year of the replacement engine?
The 350 that blew up is a Roller Cam. IT SHOULDN'T MATTER. I would do a dry assembly. Put the heads on with a couple bolts in each side YOU DON'T NEED TO USE THE GASKETS. Then make sure the intake lines up. If your dry assembly goes together with NO PROBLEMS... Grin  Cool

1.Put the heads on and torque them to spec.
2.Leave the intake off until you have the engine installed.When your done then install the intake.You don't want to break any parts on that.
3.If the replacement engine is a NON ROLLER use the lifters,push rods,rocker arms from that engine. "NOTE IF THE LIFTERS WERE MIXED UP FOR ANY REASON REPLACE THE LIFTERS."The lifters will never match the cam. Jegs has them inexpensive.
4.Change the oil and filter.

Sheldon just take your time because you don't want to do it a second time!
Good luck. If you have a problem get back to us...
There's alot of smart guys here!


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