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96 camaro wont start

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/24/11 01:00 PM

I bought a 96 v6 Camaro yesterday I test drove it an the engine was cold when I took off the rear tires wouldn't break loose but after it got warm I tried it 1 more time an they spun but I put $20 of gas in it made it about a half a mile down the road an the motor just shut off it won't start now it turns over but won't fire up it will start to fire up if you shoot starting fluid into the throttle body but just does out once you stop I replaced a fuel relay but nothing happened any Idea what could be wrong most I can think of is clogged fuel line fuel filter or bad fuel pump  

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Everything in my driveway’s a Chevy
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Posted: 09/24/11 02:10 PM

first thought is bad gas...

do you still have the old relay.. pry the cover off... .. then plug in the bare relay.. you can then squeeze the contacts closed while checking for fuel pressure.....

you might also want to check the fuel pump fuse....

you can plug in one of the harbor freight amp testers into the fuel pump fuse... see if its pulling around 7 amps... but not much more than that...

Image 14147  

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Everything in my driveway’s a Chevy
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Posted: 09/24/11 02:22 PM

you are probably going to want to invest in an OBD2 scan tool ...

as it will make live diagnosing problems easier...  

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Big Block power for the win
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Posted: 09/24/11 08:54 PM

jkenworth: You should have bought a Peterbuilt and put a Catepillar engine in it.LOL Welcome aboard. Were you in the water box @ 4500 RPM and it died?LOL  Or were you just driving it along and it died? Did you get a Service Engine Soon?

That's the cross/over year also from OBD-I to OBD-II.  1996 was the first year for OBD-II. Did you buy the car as is? If this was sitting a-long time it could be a miriad of things.

Do as Wayne suggested and look under the hood the dash the starter under the car anywhere a rodent could have chewed on some wiring. If you don't see anything knawed at. First get by the gas tank under the car, have someone turn the ignition key to the start position NOTE: DON'T CRANK THE ENGINE: TRY THIS A COUPLE TIMES and listen for the fuel pump. If you don't hear it let it rest. The ECM has a reset time. If after a few tries you don't hear the fuel pump, go and follow Wayne's suggestion. Bad Gas how hard would that be to believe with todays CRAP O'BAMA.  Maybe a place to look? Check the fuse, relay if the relay doesn't work then the fuse circut must be open. GOOD LUCK...........

JUST SOME FYI: The reason I suggested look for wires or Connections that may have come apart. I chased a problem with my personal car for 2 years. It would just die anytime it wanted. Usually at 70 MPH. I have a 2006 Impala LT with a 3.9. I bought used 2 years ago!  After 2 years of this it finally died to the point it would not restart, no spark, no fuel, no ECM,or PCM communication. He called me 2 days after it got towed there. It turned up to be disconnected connector, that was buried under the ignition coil packs, ignition control module that unless I took the Plastic Engine cover off, and started actually digging into the engine nearest the firewall.I would never find it. So don't take anything for granted. Even if you went thru a puddle of water? ?  That was two months ago, and it has never run so good. Take your time and get back to us. Wayne has this electrical stuff down patt.  

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