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350 cheap power adders?

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Posted: 08/17/11 06:44 PM

Alright guys, here's a quick question for you. I'm building a dirt track race car (1983 Pontiac) and I have a 305 in it now.  I have a 350 that I am going to build to put in it, and I am wondering if you guys have any tips or ideas to give me some cheap power?  I've also heard good things about putting the 305 heads on the 350, any experience with this?    

Thanks in advance!  

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Posted: 08/18/11 03:17 AM

Your talking about the 305 vortec heads. If you install them on a 350 you will choke the 350. The 305 heads have small valves and a different intake bolt pattern. That can be fixed. I would look for a set of double hump heads, that haven't been hacked up. Don't cut too much off the heads you will only make a machining mess. There are secrets to power, and that's why they are secret.......LOL..... Those are the heads you want, and run a zero deck.....Good Luck  

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Posted: 08/20/11 08:12 PM

Set of 202 heads maybe? Hope im remembering correctly! Good luck, love dirt track racing, im about 5 miles from one hear in western Pa. "Race Way 7" on route 7, imagine that. lol..  

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