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Streetable 305 vs 350

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/15/10 03:01 PM

I first want to applaud you for doing a 305 build last issue, it needs to be understood what these engines are capable off, and I think that issue showed a taste of what that is. I also think you can expand on that, while not looking crazy and you get to give the readers another 350 build to look at. Interested? Take said 305 from last issue (july 2010 "the other small block") and compare it with a 350 with the same type of build. Apples to Apples - I know what most people will say, "the 350 will smoke it" and all though it may BEAT it, by how much is key? Think about it, most cars that are getting attention right now (for hot rods) are the later muscle cars (disco-retro)and this would help a lot of readers decide which way to go. I have a feeling most would be better off with the 305. This time try and put some enthusiasm behind it fellas, lol 365hp for a 305 with heads and cam is pretty good and A LOT CHEAPER than a new GM 330HP 350HO long block.

IF it were me, I would do some type of EFI to even it out, like a mini ram. Most of us TPI/TBI owners are not going to scrap it for a carb when EFI makes more sense. Also if you want to get really trick you could do a 334 stroker -VS- 350HO or ZZ4. I know one thing is for sure, there's a lot of money going to waste seeing 350's do a 305's job... enough said.  

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