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wiper motor wiring

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/01/10 12:43 PM

I'm trying to put a wiper motor under the dash of my 64 el camino.The motor is from a 90-95 c1500.It has 5 wires  white ( which I belive is the 12v) black (ground), purple, gray and orange. What are the other wires for? what kind of switch should I use? Would a simple toggle sw work? Do not what to change the steering col. thanks  

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Posted: 02/01/10 11:00 PM

here is the wiring diagram for the year of the truck you got the motor for..

i think that gm uses the same style of motors through out the line..   but finding a switch thats not on the turn signal stalk.. hmm...

got any friends at parts distributers???   see if they have any delco 15A91 catalogs or 15A99 catalogs laying around..

perhaps one of the aftermarket manufacturers parts catalogs..    napa online used to have a really searchable site.. they changed it..

perhaps this

perhaps this

Product Family: Windshield Wiper Switches
: 75600
Description: Microprocessor-Controlled Electronic Wiper Switch
Type of Motor Both
One or Two Motor Operation controls one motor
For use with: Negative ground permanent magnet wiper motors
Mounting Stem Thread 7/16" -28, .45" (11.43mm), hex nut and lockwasher included
Terminations Packard 8-way female connector #2965977
Rating 12V DC
Case diecast case 2-7/32" (56.35mm) square, 1-13/16" (46.04mm) long
Knob black plastic with metal insert and set screw, white imprint
Positions Off/Park - Intermittent Range - Low - High
Lead and Connector Assembly 5.625" (142.87mm) long

here is the catalog pages.. for the wiper switches..

it will take me a while longer to find what the exact wire colors are for..

i am going to guess that orange is the power to turn on the motor from the switch..

white seems to be switch ignition power... that has to be on for the system to work.. it allows the motor to return to park when the orange wire is switched off..        

i have needed to look this information up... so it really is not a huge problem.. i have a friend with a 78 seville.. with a 3.9 isuzu turbo diesel NPR motor and electromatic transmission.. his other mechanic never finished the job.. getting the wipers to work properly is on the list..    the turbo outlet to intake inlet tube is right in the way for the factory gm wiper motor.. something else is on there now..  and that install was not easy.. lots of cutting.. firewall, trans tunnel, cross member.. oil pan,  

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Posted: 02/02/10 09:36 AM

I've got a '92 Silverado. They had a special electronic board that controlled the motor mounted on the firewall near the master cylinder. Did you also get this part from your donor truck?  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/02/10 09:46 AM


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