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help build my engine for a tpi

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/03/09 09:13 PM

Well I just got done reading an article I liked alot from the october 09 issue the budget built 407hp sbc.

Well As I sit right now I have a l98 sitting in the garage. Awaiting a rebuild I'll be putting this back into a 91z28. And really want to keep fuel injection.

So my question is. Will this build work well with fuel injection. I'm dumping the stock tpi for a hsr or possibly bbk's intake (if it ever comes out).

I'm looking for around 350 rwhp. This will be transferred through a t56.

I'm really curious about the heads and cams choice.

someone's info would really be appreciated. thanks.  

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Posted: 11/05/09 08:45 AM

What year is your L98? Does it have aluminum heads?

Yes, you can get 350 rwhp from that engine no problem wiht the right heads/cam combo and the TPI system. The trick is on the computer. The factory computer in the '91 Z/28 will be a problem. To get the most form your engine, get a FAST EZ-EFI system to run the TPI for you. This will give you a modern computer with tuning ability.

You'll also need to get the intake runners from a Corvette, or some aftermarket ones, because the Z/28 runners are small and will restrict your 350.  

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