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rally wheel identification

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/21/08 07:19 AM

looking for some help on some rally wheels, need to know what the 15x7 jj and 15x6 jk came on for vehicles,any help would be great  

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Posted: 06/21/08 03:59 PM

everybody must be out working on their rods or driving them...

call your locall junk yard...   not the help your self one.. the full service one..

they have a hollander interchange..    the wheels will be listed there... in fact.. for a few bucks... hollander sells interchange books that cover various years of cars...

they might even have that data online...  

the other place to look is over at hemmings com... there should be at least one artical on rally rims there..

best of luck...     hopefully someone will need this info..

and looking for rallys in the junk yard on the original cars is not going to work..

it has been too many years...

buy a new set... or a used set..   every chevy restoration parts supplier will have them...  

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Posted: 06/23/08 05:56 AM

15-inch rally wheels didn't come out until the 70s, so that'll narrow things down for you a bit.  

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