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4l60e not engaging in drive or 3rd

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Posted: 03/10/08 12:06 PM

98 z71 5.7. it has a 4l60e with the six solenoid system. it started a while ago when my buddy's truck lost reverse,2nd and overdrive. fixed all that with a new beast sunshell and sunshell gear. put in some new orings and gaskets. valve body seperator plate was damaged so we replaced that and the gaskets. also both the 1-2 acumilater piston spring was busted and the 3-4 accumilater was missing the piston pin and was assembled upside down. fixed that. tested all the solenoids except number 6 because i cannot find the specs on it. it meters out at 21 ohms. i think it is called the lockup solenoid.
when driveing down the road it runs wonderfull if you start in 1st or 2nd and the run up through the gears. lots of power and smooth shifts. it also downshifts with authority. reverse works great. but when your at a stop if your in drive or 3rd it sounds like it is trying to select a gear but does not engage, barely move forward like maybe the band is not releasing so i double checked the servo and its good. please help me. please please please.  

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