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Getting back to work...

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Posted: 12/29/07 09:46 AM

Last weekend I finally was able to get back to work on the motor for Purple Haze. I checked the piston-to-valve clearance, installed the heads, cam, lifters, lifter spider, and pushrods. Had to stop there because my cam retainer bolts vannished nad I had to get a new set.

Well, today comes and I'm all psyched about finishing up the motor, when I make the kncuklehead discovery that I have hte wrong timing set for the motor! The ZZ4 cam is an LT1 style camshaft, so it has the small nose and takes a different cam gear than a Gen I small block. out of four timing sets I've got in my parts stash, all of the are for Gen I motors! ARGH!

So, the motor's on hold again until I can get the correct timing set. I feel like an idiot, but as I said in my blog, if this is the worst thing to happen with this motor project, I'm more than happy.  

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