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the cost of rebuilding stock 350 (on the cheap)

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/29/07 09:30 AM

ok, what would be the cost to rebuild a stock 350 chevy?
 its a running motor, just a tired 100,000+ mile 350.

I just want to rebuild it back to stock, no race parts or aftermarket parts needed.
 I'm hoping to only put around $500 or so into it.


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Posted: 11/30/07 07:31 AM

A rebuild kit from Jegs or Summit will probably run you about $250 to $300. To do this right (even on the cheap) you need to figure about $400 in mahcining work on the block. This kit from Summit costs $270.

Even for a basic rebuild, you still need to take the block to a machine shop to have the old cam bearings pressed out, remove old freezeplugs, hot tank the block for a thorough cleaning, check the cylinders for roundness, then either have them honed or overbored as necessary, have new cam bearings installed, and the block painted if you want.

You'll also need to decide if you're gonna have the rods reconditioned or replaced, and either way you'll need to have them mated to the pistons. You'll need new rod bolts installed too. Also, the rings will need to be set up on the pistons too, including ring gap. And the crank will need to be checked and the journals at least cleaned and polished.

Another thing to rememebr is you'll need new engine fasteners. Stuff like rod bolts, head bolts, intake bolts, etc. Not expensive for a small block Chevy.

Find a good machine shop in your area, tell them what you're looking to do and ask for their advice, and price for doing the work you can't do.  

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