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Starter is grinding

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/09/07 06:54 PM

To start hello to everybody I just signed up and like what I have read so far.
Now I have a question for everybody I am building something a little diffent I have a 1967 MG Midget with a chevy V6 700r trans the problem is the starter grinds when I try to crank it. I have put shims in and no luck grinds so bad that the car want start also battery is in trunk size #4 awg wire battery cables the person that started  building the car had the right plan but didn't finish it so I got it. Hope somone can help me out with problem Confused  

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Posted: 11/30/07 02:12 PM

Have u tried looking at the flywheel? If the flywheel is severley worn or has missing teeth it will grind unitl the starter finds teeth that can support turning the engine over.  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/03/07 08:04 AM

some aftermarket starter housing mounting pads are actually too thick and must be filed down for correct operation.
Just because a bag of shims comes with doesn't mean it needs a shim.
You must determine if the housing is too close, too far, or just plain crooked to alleviate your grinding woes...  

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Posted: 12/05/07 04:20 PM

when i run into this problem.. i pull the solenoid off the starter so i can extend the pinion gear to measure the  distance between the base of the pinion gear teeth and the tip of the flywheel teeth.. i seem to recall .030 was the measurement.. double check that OK...might be differnt i dont have my manuals with me.     too close and it will snap the starter nose off or wear out the drive end bushings..  too far and it will will also make noise...

i also take a diamond file  and dress the flywheel teeth...just enough to take the barb off...

on some of the small gm starters they use an offset looking shim.. S shaped might be a better description...

hope this helps...  

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