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Chevy Nova 1963

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/04/07 07:50 AM

I just acquired the above car. It has this drive train:

TH350 3-speed transmission
8” Ford rear end with 3.80 gears and a Detroit locker

How easy would it be to put in a manual 4 speed?  

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Posted: 09/04/07 11:31 AM

Not hard at all. You'll need to get a manual trans pedal assembly, adn the bellcrank linkages and such for the throwout, and then be preapred to cut a hole in the trans hump for the shifter.

You'll need to find a correct bellhousing for a manual trans for your car also that has the bellhousing tranny mounts, unless someone converted the car to a later style engine mount system.  

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