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buick 3800 oil pressure test with m10x1.25 thread pitch sending unit

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Posted: 06/02/14 03:04 PM

i see that some of the buick 3800 motors use a m10 x 1.25 pitch oil sending unit thread..

10Mmx1 1 25Pitch Oilpressureadaptorforbuick3800 Zps59a756e6

this should help you if you cannot find the proper adapter..  as the HF tool only comes with the m10 x 1.0 thread adapter..

Buick3800oilfilteradaptors Zps132e72eb

3800Buickoilpumprotorfailure Zpsbc32d4e6

Buick3800oilpressurereliefpiston Zps18569d3b

3800Oilpump My2000 Zpscb92e97c

Buick3800oilpressurerelief Zps755ee22b

Buick3800oilpan Zpsa00050ab

clogged or blocked pick up screen openings can effect oil pressure also.
Buick3800oilpumpscreenfailure Zps15b1a5cc

oh... and if you are working on the oil system on a crank driven oil pump that cannot easily be primed... disable the ignition system and with the oil filter off.. crank the engine till you get oil flow out the oil filter adapter.. then  you can screw the filter on and crank engine until the oil pressure light goes out.. this avoids extended dry starts thats very hard on the engine bearings..  reconnect the ignition system and start the engine.. watch the oil pressure light.. it it does not go out within 8 seconds. shut off and wait a few minutes to start again..  you don't want to get the bearings really hot..

motor on..  

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