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2006 impala ss

Jason Michael Tremusini
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Posted: 05/28/14 06:36 AM

So i got an 06 impala ss that's relatively stock save for a custom intake and exhaust, comparable to a  
k&n intake and for the exhaust i went from the cat back looking the unnecessary piping and restrictive mufflers to a single bullet muffler with a quick out the side saving weight surprisingly about 40lbs and i noticed a decent increase on the jump as well as in the red. I want to go from the stock 16 valves to a more impressive 32 valves but Im not entirely sure how to accomplish this without taking it somewhere. Any help would be nice.  

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Posted: 05/31/14 12:59 PM

somebody is pulling your leg..

if you have the 5.3 v8  called the LS4.. you would need to swap in the 4.6L caddy north star 32 valve motor as that is the only 32 valve V8 that might fit.. and how it operates it totally differently..

as i recall the LS4 is just over 300 HP at 5,000 rpms..  

read up on the north star motors... its A TON of work to swap them including all the electronics and integrating the 2 slightly different systems..  

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