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dilemma with truck need advice

Shawn Dizzle
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Posted: 03/02/14 08:51 AM

I purchased a 2014 Silverado high country 4x4, my first new vehicle, and being tax season I had a couple extra dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I went and put a 7" rough country lift and some new wheels, some 26" heavy hitter black wheels wrapped in mark ma 37x13.50x26 tuff tires. The truck and stance look real tough, but now my mpg is any where from 10 - 12 from 18 - 20, not to mention, before I barely could feel engine drop to v4 from v8, now it's really noticeable, and truck feels like it's slower than it's capable of. It has 5.3 and lift and wheels is only thing I've done so far. What I want to know is what else can be done to make it more mpg friendly and more responsive when I take off, besides putting smaller wheels, I understand I may have to upgrade the brakes, but do I need to change gears? And get a chip? K&N cai says it will not work with trucks with lifts in instructions, doesn't say why. Can any one explain why this is too?  
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Posted: 03/02/14 11:32 PM

somebody will come along with an answer.. or post it again over at fourwheeler dot com forums.. your user name and password work there also..  they deal more with oversized tires and lift kits than the forum members here..  

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