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Tech Center Manager Job Opening

Scott Parker
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Posted: 06/12/13 07:00 AM

Go to to apply. The requisition number is JF12498. The job description is below.

Job Summary and Responsibilities (Listed in order of importance):      

·Manage all aspects of the Tech Center including but not limited to scheduling appointments for editors to follow product installations, project cars upkeep, and work with manufacturers as needed when they are conducting product installations with editorial staff.

·Keep company owned project cars, trucks and trailers in working condition at all times.  Works with publishers and editors to make sure they are aware of any mechanical issues with projects so arrangements can be made to order or procure parts to keep cars in top working condition.

·Sole responsibility that Tech Center housekeeping is maintained at professional level and is presentable for visitors at all times. Keep tools and equipment organized and in proper working order. Coordinates location supply needs with the facilities management team.

·Photograph installation and provide notes to editorial staff when they are unable to be present during installation process.  If installation problems are encountered during install process, contact editors, manufacturers, and publisher in that order to resolve issues.

·Tech Center manager is the responsible person for scheduling projects and shop space for related use. Also, responsible for truck and trailer scheduling.

·Responsible for managing parts inventory and verifying all parts are correct for projects from suppliers prior to installation to include storage prior to and handling after.

·Responsible for coordination of scheduling of Tech Center use for client roundtable conferences and arranges facility to needs of subject.

· Minimum of high school or comparable equal certification (GED).

· Strong knowledge in automotive repair with ASE Certification or Automotive Technical School completion a premium.

· Ability to work on all makes and models of both vintage and late model vehicles.

· Clean driving record with valid FL driver’s license.

· CDL is a plus.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
·  Internal engine building.

·  General automotive repairs with strong applications in brakes and suspension component systems.

·  Problem solving.

·  Welding with fabrication applications.

·  Wiring and electrical repair/customization.

·  Computer skills in OUTLOOK, WORD, and EXCEL.

·  Digital Camera operation.

Physical Requirements:
·  The ability to stand for prolonged period of time while working on vehicles

·  Ability to lift a minimum of 80 pounds and abides by Safe Lifting Practices program.

·  Ability to use electronic equipment including but not limited to computer, digital camera, various vehicle testing and tuning equipment.

Equipment/ Software Used:
·  General hand and pneumatic tools.
·  Lift Equipment.
·  Welding and Cutting tools.
·  Electronic Testing and Diagnostic equipment.
·  Computer for use with OUTLOOK, WORD, and EXCEL.
·  Chassis Dyno

Work Environment:
·  Work is performed in a shop environment that is well lit and ventilated.
·  Large and heavy objects  

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