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93 2wd chevy c1500 4l60e to 4l80e swap

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Posted: 05/16/13 01:14 PM

ok my truck has puked 2 4l60e's in les than 60 miles first one the truck lost all gears but reverse second one after installing a shift kit and stall converter 2000 rpm b+m drove it less than 60 miles and lost 3rd and 4th gears! damn 4l60's anyway i waana swap it to the 4l80e but every write up i find is for an ls truck my 4l80e has the regular bellhousing not the ls style. i cant ssem to find whats involved in a swap for these years its driving me bonkers lol the 4l80e came out of a 94 3/4 ton 2wd. any info anybody can give me on this would be great i know ill have to cut the driveshaft but thats about it.  

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