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5.3l cam and head question
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/11/13 06:38 PM

i am going to be slightly building a 5.3l to swap into my 99 s10
i am looking at the ms3 cam has anyone does this cam in a 5.3?
can i use the faactory rockers or will i have to up grade them
i know i will have to do new valve springs and pushrods

i am buying the 5.3l from a friend he has 3 for me to choose from and am wondering are there heads that are better than others or heads that are prone to cracking if so what are the numbers on them  

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Scott Parker
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Posted: 04/18/13 10:54 AM

That is a huge cam for a 5.3L, Texas Speed lists the specs as 237/242 duration and .603"/.609" lift. And with that much lift, you'd probably have to measure the P-to-V clearance. I believe it has been done before, but I'm not sure if the pistons were cut. I know tuning that size cam on that small of an engine could be a chore.

There are plenty of companies that port stock 5.3L heads, and there are even a few aftermarket castings (TFS comes to mind) for the small-bore LS engines. Cracking shouldn't be an issue if you go with a reputable company.  

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