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Boost by Gear

V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 03/26/13 06:24 PM

Hey guys, quick question.

Have yall had any experience with any boost control systems/boxes that also do boost by gear in a reliable manner?  I've seen the argument that the boxes that adjust boost based off the VSS signal is a scary issue if you get wheelspin because it just continues to add boost until your max setting is reached.

I have seen some yays and nays about the Eboost2 and APEXI AVC-R.  I know from searching LS1tech, Lingenfelter tested a setup but nothing came to market.

Figured I'd ask y'all since your team is working on Salt and it might be a good option for getting traction during acceleration.

I have a T-56 on a V6, looking at going force fed sometime in the next couple years and just looking at my options to keep the car shiny side up!

2000 Firebird
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Scott Parker
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Posted: 04/03/13 07:06 AM

There are several methods for controlling boost and wheelspin. Since there are no restrictions in standing mile racing, traction control is certainly an option. Stay tuned for dyno testing SALT's 370-cube motor for info on engine and boost management.  

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