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gm training

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/26/13 07:32 AM

does a gm tech. have any rights? the dealer i work at decided not to pay for are meals when we go out of town for training, does anybody else have this problem?  

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Posted: 02/27/13 09:43 PM

He's pizzed off because GM told me he needs so many techs. at certain levels to keep their GM Sign on the door. I was hired by a GM dealer as a consultant. I took a test with some of the techs I met. A lot thought I was there to take their jobs. Not so it was to watch warranty.
  Well I won a wrist watch, the Service Manager called me to his office. This was exact words, Don't ever show up my techs again. He then through the watch to me. I told him your probably the first to go....He was...
  The techs at this dealership, use to have seperate rooms. At that time they where 2 to a room. They use to use company cars, they had to use their own. It's your owner cutting back, on his expenses. Does he pay you mileage for your car use? This guy paid the techs the way the crow flies. (Birds fly in a straight line). Get the idea. It sucks, I know I traveled for a very good company for 20 years, and never had BS nit picky things as these guys do to their techs. Your away from home so do the best you can and when times get better, look for another dealership. Your owner is probably in trouble with GM. The cars he has in his lot and show room cost him money every month. It's called a floor plan.

  I was hired to find out why the warranty was so high. I'll tell you why, No-One took the time to diagnoise anything. A tech installed $3500 of warranty parts on a sliding door in a van. Puts all the parts in it still doesn't work. He asked me if I could look at it. The first step in the service manual states. Battery Voltage should be a minimum of 12.4 volts. Well guess where the voltage was. 10.9. I went down to parts put a new battery in and that was the end of it.
  If your young put up with it for awhile. Take it from someone thats been there and done that...Good Luck, and a word of advice keep your thoughts to yourself.


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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/24/13 01:12 PM

short answer, no. unfortunately, you aren't (fiscally) a GM tech. You are an "insert dealership name here" tech, who works on GMs. Though you do have your own dealerworld access and such, thats as far as your direct relationship with GM goes. I was lucky enough to develop a relationship with someone from medium duty TAC (lots easier cause we're smaller than the car side), but even then, there was still a limit to what the red tape would allow us to cut through.  

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