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Project NSTYHBT - 3.8 to 6.0 LS2 Firebird

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/16/12 07:47 PM

I just finished reading the article "The Big Swap" of someone doing a 3.8 to LS1 swap. This gave me the inspiration to post this thread on our "Family Project."

It all started when my twin boys turned 16 and both bought their own f-bodies (with their own money). One bought a 98 Firebird and the other a 00 Camaro. Well then about 6 months later I was looking on Craigslist and seen a 00 Firebird for sale with a toasted 3.8.

Long story short, little ol' lady owned, not running, etc.. I got it for a dynamite price (February 2011) and figured it would be a good learning experience for the boys to rip the ol' 3.8 out and drop in some sort of LS powerplant. I planned on just getting it to run and maybe dump it for profit.

This is has been a mild budget build as a lot of the parts purchased were used and cleaned-up.

I will let the pictures tell the story.

Picked-up project bird Feb 2011

IMG 5372

IMG 5389

Started to disect and found a mess inside the 3.8

IMG 5404

IMG 5422 1

IMG 5431

As you can see, it turned out to be a good paperweight.     Shocked

That being said the hunt started for a good LS1. Well, a good friend of mine had a rather virgin LS2 6.0 sitting in the corner of his garage and I was able to talk him out of it.   Grin

IMG 5546

This is the point where the project started to get away from me!

IMG 5567

Decided to build a make-shift paint booth and shoot the undercarrige and the engine bay.

IMG 5631

IMG 5736

IMG 5783

IMG 5717

Found a low mileage 3.73 rear locally

IMG 5729

Wanting to turn this into a sudo Trans Am, we sold the rear fascia and all ground effects for $500. That is half the price we paid for the car!     Grin

IMG 5536

Well, we are now committed to doing this thing right, so every nut, bolt, panel and part is painted and detailed.

LS6 intake painted ol' school 1967 GTO Pontiac Metallic Blue engine paint

IMG 6074

IMG 6079

Showing son how to install new cam.  Smile

IMG 6072

Showing other son something else?     Shocked

IMG 6157

I was really leary about painting the LS2 aluminum block, but I think that it worked out ok.    Wink    Found some used Kooks headers and cleaned them along with the other accessories.



Found some used Trans Am fascias and had them painted.

IMG 6734

Yank 3600 stall going in.

IMG 6752

Ready to go in!!

IMG 6959

Decided that this body needs a make-over. I took all parts seperately to my painter. No problem matching panels with black.

IMG 6818

Love the look of the GTO fuel rail covers, but serious modifications had to be made. Cut and cobble!    Shocked

IMG 6813

IMG 7866

IMG 8913

IMG 8901

Purchased an aftermarket WS6 hood and decided to modify it to be true Ram Air

IMG 7132

IMG 7423

IMG 7865

IMG 7864

Body goes to painter.

IMG 7825 1

I like the looks of C6 fog lamps and intergrated them into my fascia to be used as DRL's

IMG 7852

IMG 7858

Back from paint doing a photo shoot with boys cars.

IMG 8525

Fall 2011  - Tucked boyz cars as well as mine in the basement for the winter and also to work on them.


IMG 7033

I can't believe I found a cluster with these miles on it!!!    Laugh
Picture is skewed (110 miles on odometer)

IMG 8335

Fabbed and painted closeouts for the fuse relocation area, the old battery location and the ECM.

IMG 9033 1

IMG 9148

IMG 9150

Dynamat and interior mods

IMG 9317

IMG 9318




Light Pipes



IMG 9574

IMG 9575

April 2012 - First start-up video   Grin

Th MVI 9513


Firebird 7

IMG 9584 1

IMG 9587

IMG 9590

IMG 0183

Photo-op with my sons cars and nephew.    Cool

IMG 9647

IMG 9645

This has been a fantastic and a great learning experience for my boys as well as myself. I am now going to keep this ride as it is really cool going to shows and cruising Woodward with my offspring!    Grin

Oh, by the way it dyno'd at 443 rwhp. Not bad.

December 2012 - Now what????

Back in the basement to make the driving experience even more spirited.   Shocked


IMG 0048

Turbo12 2012015

IMG 0219

IMG 0039

Here we go again.............  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/03/13 10:34 AM

I see my part of my pics are not shown for some reason.

Anyway, it has been awhile since I updated this thread, so I will let the pics speak for themselves.

Turbo12 2012003

Some cosmetic upgrades in between

IMG 0220

IMG 0079

IMG 0221

Couldn't help myself!

IMG 0351

IMG 0551

IMG 0010 Zpsea0b793e

IMG 0015 Zpsdbfcc811

IMG 0019 Zpsc81273eb  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/03/13 08:48 PM

Not bad old man....  

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Scott Parker
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Posted: 03/12/13 08:02 AM

Nice build!  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/19/13 07:40 PM

Thanks guys!

Winding down now! Buttoned-up the front and now working my way rearward, ie: exhaust, rear end swap, interior work and so on......

Fit a set of C6 fogs to be used as turn/dlr's

DSC00881 Zps18ecfe53

DSC00888 Zps46c114f6

Tunnel to intercooler.....

DSC00936 Zps78067489

DSC00951 Zpsbb143c61

DSC00952 Zpsac6c27dd

DSC00953 Zps919b9c11

DSC00980 Zps734c58be

DSC00979 Zps539501c5

I can't figure out why these pics are biased to the left??  


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