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Lunati 219x223 cam shootout

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/02/12 01:03 PM

I have a LS1 t56 manual in a BMW e36  that had 318 rwhp. with mafless tune LS6 manifold and 1.7/8 headers.
The motor has just been rebuilt with forged pistons and rods,ballanced,DART 205 heads,FAST 102 manifold and TB.42lb.injectors and Lunati 219x223x.625x.625x112cam.
I chose this cam after reading the LS1 cam shootout because it seamed like a good DD.with plenty of power and torque. My problem is that after having it dynoed on the same dyno by the same operator with all of these mods  it has 358rwhp. Only a gain of 40rwhp? it seams to me there must be a problem somewhere to only make this small gain.The car drives well with good Torque but I expected more power.  

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