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Need some help with my Solstice GXP T2 I just purchased

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Posted: 09/09/12 06:00 PM

I just purchased a 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP T2 SCCA edition.  I don't know if my vehicle has had the "mod" from GM done to it or not.  I'm getting 21psi of boost and I have Borla exhaust and a cold air intake.  You can hear the wastegate open and let off pressure, but I don't know if that is aftermarket.  I was told that everything on the vehicle is GM authorized except the wastegate.  I figure if the GM "mod" was done, then I'm somewhere around 310hp.....  I was just curious if there was an easy way to find out.  

PS - The car is an absolute ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Grin  

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