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96 caddy deville alarm/security

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/02/12 09:52 AM

 How can the alarm /security system be disconnected?  

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Posted: 09/11/12 04:41 PM

Have you tried pulling the fuses? Once you do that make sure your car starts....
That's all I know to tell you...  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/13/12 08:50 AM

is it the anti theft system that involves the ignition key.. so the car won't start...

on caddys..   key on, is the security light flashing ?   when it won't start..   foot off the main brake pedal.. use 2 fingers .. push and hold the OFF and the WARMER buttons on the climate control panel..  the warmer button may be an UP arrow... hold both in till ALL the lights on the dash come on..  let go..  one of the displays will have codes flashing..  write them all down.. including the prefix numbers..   you can go through it again if you missed one and to double check what you wrote down..

if you get a code for the anti theft...  you will need to go farther..

this car is equipped with the VATS system with the resistor in the key.... they are not hard to bypass if you have the original key with the resistor...

ohm the resistor in the key.. write down the number exactly...  

radio shack has IN STOCK in every store... little blue 3 legged trimmer pots...  either a 1K or a 10K ohm version.. they also sell european style terminal blocks in 3 sizes.. pick up the smallest size...  and hopefully you have a tiny screw driver to lock the set screws down.. i have had to use the fiberglass trimmer screw drivers from RS to do the smallest one..

you can use your OHM meter on the first and second or second and third wire from the trimmer pot to measure it.. while you turn the screw to match the resistance you found at the key...

now.. you can install the european style terminal block on the terminals that you measured.. first and second.. or second and third....

next... get under the dash...  yes.. way under.. find the ORANGE tiny harness.. that comes from the steering column .. runs to the ignition switch connector above what would be the drivers left foot..   THE ORANGE tiny harness. please verify that there are tiny white wires plugged into the connector you have found..   you can snip that harness.. strip it back slightly on the body side of the harness..  slip the ends of the wire wires into the european style terminal block. tighten the screws...    by the time you can sit up.. you have bypassed the ignition switch part of the anti theft system...

this does not defeat the door lock switches..  that activate the main alarm..  just the anti theft..

you can restore the system to normal operation by replacing the lock cylinder with a new one..  you will have to remove the connector block and remove the pins to plug the new harness into the connector body...

one HUGE TIME SAVING TIP...    when you to to the parts store to pick up the new ignition lock cylinder.. take the resistor key with you...    take the new plain keys and the original to the lock shop..   have them identify what key blank to use...   have the key shop cut the new locks pattern into the blank that matches the original keys resistance.. this will allow you to change the lock cylinder.. hook up the vats harness.. stick the newly cut key with the resistor in the lock and it will start on the first try....

as a test.. you can verify the circuit for the resistance through the key is good or bad... unscrew the center screw from the ignition switch connector above the drivers left foot..    stick the key in the ignition after noting the resistance of the key...  with the connector body unhooked.. find the 2 tiny white wires from the Orange harness..   ohm them.. they should be the same as the key.. work the key through the motions.. off.. on .. crank.. on...   the resistance should not change..

the reason to only work with the ORANGE HARNESS...  


i have installed the trimmer pot and european style terminal blocks in under 10 minutes..  to bypass this part of the vats system..

hope this helps..

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/13/12 08:53 AM

oh... and everything i posted above.. will NOT work . unless you have the original resistance type ignition key to measure..

this will also work for engine swaps that use a vats style ECM.. a cheep and easy way to bypass the vats...  

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