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L98 roller w/ flat tappet cam?

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Posted: 06/22/12 01:05 AM

Hi guys new here. I have what i believe is a 89-93 L98 from a camaro that ((had)) tpi. It came in a 89 truck i bought and is now sitting half tore apart in my garage. It has roller lifters and roller rockers... but it has a flat tappet hyd cam in it. ?? I Couldnt get it to run in the truck so i pulled it and replaced it with tbi 350 from previous truck of mine cause i wrecked it and needed transportation to work. The L98 is 2bolt main one piece rear seal, full roller as i stated befor with tbi intake and throttle body with Helix spacer. My question is how would i go about finding exactly what motor i have and the most cost effective rout to go about building it for multi purpose everyday driver that sees lots of mud and 4wheelin and friday nite crusin. I dont want to go fuel injected due to the fact you cannot make power with out a proper tune. Too expencive. Carb is my pick of choice. Thinkin bout allum heads 30over pistons and maybe throw my 400 crank in to the mix. Gotta fing what its gonna cost to have crank turned and checked for cracks. Any Ideas? sorry i get carried away typing  block number is 14093638 and V0618USA    Heads are 14102188   dont know how to attatch pics sorry  

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Posted: 06/24/12 02:59 AM

I would go with a flat tappet hydraulic cam. Use the roller rockers, and the carb staying simple will be the best way to go.

When you decide on what engine your going to build and what direction your going in, forget about the other engine. That would be your best way to get help. Keep it simple and ask questions about the other engine OK!

Let us know when you decide....

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