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Redline '12 ZL1 Goes 11.68 with stock LSA

Scott Parker
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Posted: 04/21/12 09:39 AM

We are working with Redline Motorsports, testing their '12 ZL1 with a 6L90E. Here is a quick teaser video, apologize for the sound. Stay tuned for more video and updates.  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/24/14 08:54 AM

Just got a 2013 ZL1 in April. Saw the video and I was impressed. I anticipated at best Redline would match Chevrolet's engineers best A6 drag radial 11.90s times. If the only mechanical difference between the ZL1 tested by the Chevy engineers and Redline's ZL1 was a cold air intake that sure seems like the way to go.  

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