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2012 Cadillac CTS V

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Posted: 06/08/12 12:56 PM

I am new to this forum.  I have had a Corvette for years.  I just got a new 2012  Cadillac CTS V and I have some questions.  Do I really torque the lug nuts to 140 lb feet?  How do I remove the brake pads?  Can I bleed the brakes without removing the wheels using the bleeder valve?  I plan to use upgraded brake pads from Carbotech and high temp. brake fluid.  Do I need anything else to take the car on the track?  Thank you.  

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Scott Parker
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Posted: 06/18/12 11:26 AM


140 lb-ft seems a bit much, we generally do around 100 lb-ft for most cars, but it's your call. You probably can bleed the brakes with the wheels on, but you will most likely coat the inside of your wheels with brake fluid. Maybe just leave them on to bleed out the air, and remove for a full flush. Brake pads and good fluids should be enough to get you through typical open track day sessions. For open road racing you'll need a diff cooler. We should have some edit coming up soon on open road racing a V, so keep your eyes peeled.


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