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Eibach Anti-Roll kit # 3831.320

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Posted: 06/08/12 10:20 AM

Hi all!

I bought Eibach Anti-Roll kit # 3831.320 for my Pontiac Trans Am, year 2000.
I have difficulties to understand installation process, especially on rear bar.
Picture would be more than useful.
Please can anyone help?  


Markku Heikkinen, Kuusamo, Finland  

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Posted: 06/09/12 02:37 AM


Have you tried contacting Eibach? Good luck.....

I had a problem with them 3 years ago I could never get resolved. After a year of their BS I through  4 springs in the gabage....Any time I called or emailed I never got the same tech... They were lowereing springs for my 2006 Impalaa SS. They told me the springs where boxed wrong, The P/N on the springs and on the box where the same as I needed. BUT they never made good for them....I had all the contacts and P/N but I cut their crap in half and in the garbage they went. They would not even let me return the. I'm still pissed about them so give them a call.

Good Luck

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