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LT1 Carb converted 383 stroker

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Posted: 01/02/12 07:35 PM

I have an 84 Z28 with a LT1 swap. The guy I bought the car off of switched everything thing over for the carb. The distributor is on the back side of the engine, so no opti spark. I was wondering then if I could purchase a regular sbc 383 stroker kit, or if I would need to purchase one strictly for the LT1. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks.  

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Posted: 05/04/12 10:46 AM

I am inthe process of having my v6 camaro converted to a v8...LT1. I purchased ascat rotating assembly from summit that's LT1 specific. The kit I purchased came internaly balanced, all forged, 4340, and ran around 1850, yes it is the .030 over kit. I would suggest purhcasing parts that are engine specific for compatability and future upgrades purposes.  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 05/05/12 08:15 AM

I would check under the timing chain cover first. If it has the older style juat a timing chain set-up you will be ok. You can do a lot with the LT-1 to make power,the 383 is really a torque engine, and is externally balanced. Your still will need a cam and heads for induction.

If you go for the 383 get the whole kit.It's all up to you!


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