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VATS system bypass

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Posted: 01/04/11 11:40 AM

I've had an ongoing problem with my 92 gta. My Gfriend lost my keys so i bought another tumbler and key. When i installed the it would not turn over because the tumbler did not match the ignition or the key chip did not match the ignition im not sure exactly how it works. I've have had multiple keys made for it I tried bypassing the vats system with resistors and i cant get any thing to work, by the way I found the keys a week later after I threw the old tumbler out like an idiot, they checked my old key and it read a number 12 which is 6.040, but when i matched the resistors as close as i could get to that number but it still didnt work. I had them pull my vin to see what number the chip was and it said my car didnt have a chipped key. BS so I was wondering if I could bypas by putting an MSD box in the car? Any info would be helpful. Thanks Alot  

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Posted: 01/05/11 02:21 PM

do you still have your old lock cylinder with the wiring on the back end..

cut the wire off close to the lock cylinder so you have a LONG pigtail....

i hope you have a radio shack near you....

pick up one of these...  3 bucks...  

10K-Ohm 15-Turn Cermet Potentiometer/Trimmer

Model: 271-343  | Catalog #: 271-343

solder your harness to the first and second connector...  or to the second and third connector... NOT THE FIRST AND THIRD.....     using a tiny screw driver.. or a POT trimmer tool that radio shack also has.. use your digital volt meter to match the OHM reading of the KEY..

this will give you the exact resistance value without going crazy..

you can then plug this harness in to your cars harness... wait 4 minutes and start the engine...

if you buy the smallest size of the european style terminal blocks from radio shack...   you can use a section of the them to connect to the trimmer without solder... right up under the dash...  after setting the trimmer to the proper value..  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 01/05/11 02:38 PM

there is a 4 minute lock out....   if you  try to start the car....    see if the security light is flashing or on..

it will also set a code.. like 48 or 56... something like that. but only for the 4 minutes...

you can find the vats resistance  values....      use the trimmer pot.. to set the value to each key one at a time...

waiting the 4 minutes with the key off..    this will ;et you slowly work your way through the vats key values..

if your car was not equipped..   the first key you stick in.. with a vats key.. will set the ecm to that value..

additional...   unplug the connector under the dash...  stick your key in the ignition.. measure the harness...  does it measure the same as the key...    its possible for the new wires to be damaged during installation.. crushed between the bracket... pinched in the tilt joint....  

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