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2001 Silverado 5.3L swap with LS327

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Posted: 11/20/09 10:59 AM

Hey I have a quick question I have a 2001 silverado, 5.3L procharged with 42LB lucas injectors. The OEM engine blew a piston and the head. I bought a new GM performance LS327 Engine and am looking for a tune file for HP Tunner ( I CHECKED THEIR SITE) or parmeters that may have to be changed in the computer. I am only looking for the stock paremters I would have to change not including procharger. I really need help I have the engine installed and running, it seems to run fine but I am having an issue were the check engine light comes on and blinks when in minor boost. I just need some help no one from HP can help or from GM on the stock parmeters in the computer that i have to change. I was wondering if any of the experts on here can give me something. THANKS  

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