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headlights stay in up position

Troy Driver
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/13/14 07:58 AM

My 81 headlights are stuck in up position. I've replaced al of the actuators / relays/ light switch and check valve. I've checked all the lines for proper placement and leaks. Still no luck?? What am I missing???  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 05/13/14 12:28 PM

do you have a vacuum gauge TEE'ed into the downward side of the system???

are you getting vacuum to the headlight switch?? are the headlight door hinges and various bushings free to operate.. without binding???

78 C3corvetteheadlightswitchvacuumrouting Zpsfc8c7fba

78 C3corvetteheadlightvacuumhoserouting Zps203aa69c

78 C3corvetteheadlightvacuumconnection Zps94ddba61

if you get really tired of the vacuum stuff..

and for the C4 and C5 owners..

post what happens????  

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