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Cruise Control and heat.

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/12/14 01:05 PM

I have a 1984 4 plus 3, stock with Crossfire Injection. I am trying to find the proper routing for the vacuum lines on my cruise control and my heat doors.
The shop manual page 9-4 has a picture with a three way check valve. My car does not have a three way check valve. I am thinking I need one, correct. Do I need one and does any one have a picture of what it looks like when connected. From the servo I have two vacuum lines. One small with a Tee in it just hanging in the engine compartment, the other thicker in diameter that goes to the clutch and brake switches in the passenger compartment.
My heat does not work in that the doors open and close I can hear them. But no air goes through the vents. On page 1B-10 of the shop manual the diagram shows vacuum line 2 going to the vacuum tank. That line goes direct to manifold vacuum. Does anyone know where the line connects to the vacuum line for the doors on the heater.

Thank you all.

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Posted: 04/12/14 08:03 PM

perhaps this will help..

please..  only replace ONE section of hose at a time.. slice the side of the section to be replaced.. peal it off the hose barbs..  measure it up to the new hose.. cut to length and replace that section.. then replace the next section. this avoids the WHERE DID THAT HOOK UP TO issue..
this is printable.. and too big to see the entire image here..  unless you move the slider at bottom over..
C4 Crossfire Cruise Control Vacuum Zps3a241e90

C4 Vacuum Checkvalve Zpsda5b2f13

47150 Help Vacuum Check Valve Zps828e445f

there are 2 systems shown here. the C60 mechanical control HVAC system with knobs.. and the C68 fully automatic climate control with push buttons not knobs..

84 C4 HVAC Vacuum Zpse4cdd455  

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