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Just got a C5 and it won’t stop stalling, please help!

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Posted: 05/27/14 01:34 PM

I just got a 2000 C5 a few days ago and it was running great until yesterday when it started stalling. The dash says message keeps saying “pull key wait 10 seconds” or “service steering column”  then constantly stalls when I try to drive, I could hardly get back into my parking space. I know that this is a common problem with C5s and there was a recall regarding it. It starts just fine and idles fine but seems to cut the gas when I try to drive. The steering wheel does not lock, the car just stalls.  I called the dealer and they said that the previous owner took it in regarding the recall and the dealer “fixed” the issue. I have read that a column lock simulator may fix the problem, any ideas? I just got the car and it is my dream car so I would love to fix it as soon as possible, if anyone knows anything that would help I would be very grateful. My car is also an automatic if that helps.  

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