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Replacement Radio for 1991

Jerry Mather
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/02/14 10:49 PM

Just got my 1991 on the road after 10 years.   Blush     The radio does not work.  Looking for recommendations for replacement?  Do most folks try to get stock original or modernize?  If you modernize, what works?  I like to crank it!!


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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 03/03/14 01:22 PM

i don't know if your 91 is equipped with a bose stereo system..

perhaps this will help...

there are delco radio specialists across the country that will actually repair those systems to make them work again..

also don't know if your model is equipped with individual amps at the speakers..  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/03/14 06:35 PM


I was lucky when I purchased my used 1990 Corvette.  The previous owner installed a JVC KD-A605/KD-R600.  This radio is smaller than the stock unit, but this radio has a plastic face shield that covers the stock radio opening that incorporates the JVC radio. The face shield looks like it was hand made, not to difficult to make.  The previous owner did keep the original Corvette radio and it was included with the Corvette.

The JVC description:
    50W x 4 Channels, AM, FM, Sat ready, iPOD, iPhone, HD ready, detachable face, DVD, MP3, Bluetooth, USB port in, Stereo mini plug in, many presets and has a remote.  With all of the above, which I have not been able to take full advantage without referring to the owners manual.  The best part that I like is being able to use USB Flash Drives. I use 8GB Flash Drive and I am able to store 400 MP3 songs.  Which is amazing and I don't have to carry all those bulky DVD cases.  The sound and reception is fantastic, even with the stock antenna.

I trust that this is informative.

Retired, raced Corvettes in SCCA for 20 years. Own a 1990 Corvette and a 1979 Corvette.

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