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1984 cfi

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/18/13 05:42 AM

Was recently given an 84 vette, that was gutted, has a partial dash, steering wheel, and wiring. Was also given a 85 tpi engine and trans to use in the car along with an 85 ecm.
I realize i'm going to run into some wiring issues, but what else can i expect to have issues with.
Another thing i noticed while going over the car was a data plate under the fuel tank lid was not from an 84, it was from tpi 350, should this be telling me the old owner had all ready started the 85 conversion, or am just wishing?
Any help would be great, thanks Phil  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 02/18/13 07:58 AM

the only serious difference between the crossfire fuel pump hanger and the L98 TPI fuel pump hanger is the fuel pump its self..

the crossfire fuel pump has a max pressure of about 25 psi..

the L98 TPI fuel pump has a max pressure of around 75 or 90 PSI..

this is regulated/ released down to operating pressure by the fuel pressure regulators.. 12 psi for the crossfire .. 38 psi for the TPI motor..

you should  be able to swap the motor easily.. as long as you swap the entire engine control harness and computer...

you will also need the TPI fuel lines...    throttle cable... cruise control cable.. throttle valve cable to the transmission.....

thinking about it.. there are also several other differences...  there are various relays for the 85 that are not on the 84... and you will have to contend with the VATS system...

i can help you override that... for under 10 bucks... but you will need a digital volt meter and 10 bucks worth of stuff from a radio shack...  

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