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1984 fuel problems/ rear injector isnt firing

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/08/13 08:17 PM

i have a 84 crossfire corvette and it has been sitting for two years without any fuel in the tank so today i went to start it and put fuel in it and only the front injector is firing. could the rear one just be gummed up or does anyone have any other thoughts before i take it off. also if i clean it would anyone know how the best way to clean it is thanks, cody  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 05/09/13 07:47 AM

before tearing anything apart...

call or visit your local parts store..  some will have loaner tools

ask the parts manager or check the counter mat and see if they have a NOID LIGHT SET.. in the loaner tools.
edit.. loaner tools you pay for and then get money back when you return them within the specified week or two. these are NOT out on display on the isles.. those you buy and keep.

the one on the left end of this picture is for the TBI injectors.

OEM/6 pcs. noid light set Part Number: 27161

test your individual fuel injector connectors...

the last conventional TBI with only one injector firing was a bad connection..

you will also want to OHM your fuel injectors..  they are probably 1.2 ohms.. but compare them...

to free up stuck injectors...  hmm...

usually this takes no more than a 2 second pulse with the connector disconnected... as you don't want to blow out the computer...

but use some test leads and positive to one side... and negative to the other side for NO MORE THAN about 2 seconds every 30 seconds.. you don't want to over heat or burn out the coil windings...   you might also want to knock it with a screw driver handle..

professional fuel injection mechanics do this test but with a digital volt meter in 10 or 20 amp DC setting in series.. so all the current goes thru the meter shunt to be measured.. and a 3 second test performed while looking at the amp draw..  it should drop slightly.. this tests the injector coil for shorts..

leave it hooked up too long.. and you end up with dead injector.. 2 or 3 seconds is all you need..

the rear injectors are DIFFERENT than the front injectors.. there are PART numbers etched on the top between the terminals.. please note the locations...  

you can remove the injectors and send them for cleaning..

please photograph and print the image of the part numbers so you get the same injectors back..

please.. DO NOT UNBOLT your throttle bodies from the top of the manifold.. syncing them is quite involved.. so they open at the exact same time..

other posts have talked about using truck TBI injectors.. but i don't know which one..

there are several articles on the crossfire here in the corvette magazines on this site..  i can link them if you have not read them...

there is also a 8 buck pdf download of a crossfire tech manual available online if you don't have a crossfire manual..

the az site covers crossfire in 3 different sections..  82,C3.. 84, C4, and 83, firebird

follow what i have posted.. as i work on these often.. and am very familiar with TBI fuel injection..  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 05/09/13 11:19 AM

the reason i also want you to use a noid light.. is to verify the positive side is getting power...

the power comes from individual fuses.. inj 1 and inj 2. for the front and rear injector.. so a loose fuse could be an issue.. corrosion also...


lastly.. i am taking that you are aware that electric fuel pumps in these C4 models are changed thru the fuel filler door opening.. and can be done in under 30 minutes...  

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