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Project 84 Begins

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/13/13 04:36 PM

Well I did it. Finally got my first Vette. 1984 CrossFire. Last owner did a great job with the mechanicals. EVERYTHING works and ran almost 3 hrs home on the expressway at 70mph without a mechanical hitch. The interrior tho needs a complete resto. and now for the rest of the story. It seems the the fiberglass section of the removable roof was actually held on by a very thin layer of silicone!  LOW SPEED silicone at that. About an hour into my joyfull ride it let go, sending my heart into my throat, my stomach into the seat and the fiberglass into the front of the very upset semi directly behind me. It was sleeting and about 33 deg. I now know the actual deffinition of "brain freeze". So there you have it! Nither me nor my beautiful car seem to have anything upstairs!! Frown   Wanted: replacement fiberglass.....the project begins!  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 02/13/13 08:22 PM

that happened to a friend with a 90 ...   it had gotten impounded when the tow trucks took it away 5 minutes before the impound hour...  seems they had also tried to remove her top panel.. it turned loose on the hollywood freeway at lankershim...  i saw it crushed on the side of the roadway...  noted that it was from the same white color corvette as my friends...  i mentioned it to her a few days later... she said she had been driving around topless all week..

i was really excited..

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/21/13 04:44 PM

Good thing it wasnt a glass top..  

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