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waynep71222 is out.

My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 08/03/12 11:04 PM

waynep71222 is out..

internet connection is being shut off on monday...

somebody kick this up once in a while...  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 08/04/12 08:35 PM

Wayne what the heck is going on on the shaky side of the US?


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My first time was in a Chevy
Posts: 181
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Posted: 08/04/12 08:48 PM

the inexpensive net connection  has doubled in price...  i refuse to get locked into a 2 year contract.

my income got deleted.

must get back to a REAL job..   if i can find one..

oh.... and i expect the HUGE one.. really really really soon...

big one is not the term...  its GOING TO BE HUGE...     25 million people cut off as the highways east... north east.. north are going to be destroyed...   think...

the 5 crosses the san andreas actually cuts through right at gorman...

the 15 crosses the san andreas at the top of the cajon pass... the train tracks also will be wiped out there..   there is a HUGE gasoline pipe line that goes through there.. same one that blew up after the run away train..   during the 1857 quake there were massive landslides all along there..
want to see a secret... look at google maps at wrightwood ca... zoom out .. look at the GIANT dark mark visible across the desert..  thats from a massive wash out after landslides blocked the outflow in that area...   there was a landslide came all the way down from the Top of the ridge southwest of town.. came right through town.. wiping out many houses.. you can still see them cleaning it up...  is just on the south side of town... it only flowed about a mile.. but it was 200 feet wide and 50 feet deep... just buried house after house..  that was just a slope failure..  not an earthquake with 30 feet of lateral movement..

ever been up on the 14 freeway... at sand canyon... look for vasquez rocks state park..

many many movies have been filmed there...

if you have the right resolution on google maps or google earth.. you can see the ground was ripped up  by two shock waves passing each other and multiplying..  the wave moving east had a lot more amplitude..   it actually whipped the earths surface so violently that it tossed it in the air  and it broke... falling in the pattern shown.. but if you look slightly west and a little to the north.. you will see the similar pattern where it started to break.. but only left ripples..

the 10 freeway crosses the san andreas near the palm springs cut off..  ever noticed Mt San Jacinto ... a 10,800 foot mountain next to an area below sea level.. san andreas runs along the eastern side..  that will also knock out the train tracks heading east..  most of those head south and follow along the desert and cross into arizona down near yuma..

in reality... i don't have a clue why i am living here..

did you know that in the northridge quake.. that it tossed my sister and her husband into the air twice... before the violent shaking started.. and that one only lasted 15 seconds.. not 5 minutes..
they measured 3Gs of vertical acceleration in some spots in the san fernando valley.. but it collapsed bridges and buildings all the way down to santa monica..

a few years ago .. i ask my sister.. if after the shaking stopped.. if her husband had leaned over and whispered in her ear ... did the earth move for you too???

he had forethought... they purchased the house when it was just being framed in a tract.. he went in over a weekend with boxes of simpson strong ties and reinforced every joint he could.. their split level came through without a single crack in any wall... where every other of the 200 identical built houses in that tract all had significant damage..  cracked walls both interior and exterior.. collapsed roofs.. broken windows..  the 7.2 hector mine earthquake caused ONE crack in a wall.. and the hanging lamp in the stairway was swinging over 6 foot back and forth during that one.. and it was well over 100 miles away..    they moved some place safer... denver near the rocky flats plant where rabbits used to set off the rad alarms.

the only freeway left might head north on the 101.. along the coast..  but with the amount of water stored behind earthen dams.. thats probably going to be washed out..

i guess that things will have to come in through the LA harbor... that would work..

these are just the UNSPOKEN realities of living in so cal...  but don't forget.. the shaking is going to go east.. also.. nevada and arizona is going to be effected also.   at least the big one only happens ever 150 years of so..

i sent a letter to the governors office ask the staff to file in in the what to do after the big quake file... drilling into the san andreas and pumping it full of the rock that makes talcum powder.. they have found a section in central california where the fault just constantly slips...  they drilled and found a major area of talcum.. or what ever the rock is..  that would keep the fault moving possibly.. and i did mention that it would take DECADES of drilling but the payoff in the long run of preventing an additional big one 150 years in the future might be worth the price..

i really enjoy the forums..  gives me something to do with my brain at night..

of course.. i could always talk to my wife or pet my cats..


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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 08/08/12 12:24 AM

did you feel it. the 4.2 in yorba linda..??

i am still floating around..  at a friends now so i can use his net connection...

i love the picture of my cat.. he must have been dreaming of mice.. tasty tasty mice...

edit... 8/10
for those who drop through... i am back online.. could not stand being without... a good friend helped out..


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