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Chevrolet Corvette LSX376 Twin Turbo

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/01/11 10:25 PM

2008 Chevrolet Corvette LSX376 Twin Turbo

*Additional Info On This Vehicle:

Contact Phone: 561-308-4680 Email:

**Brand New LSX376 Twin Turbo With Full Warranty**

Last year I bought this car off the lot with little low miles as I was paying for the car I was ordering the parts for this car.  This car took a long time to complete I had to wait for weeks just for the parts to be made In some cases I was waiting a few months. I knew how I wanted the car to look but I didn’t know how I wanted it engine wise.  So I started off putting the hurricane carbon fiber air intake I then added the Corsa Touring exhaust two straight pipes and then American racing headers. The car sounded great and drove well but I needed more power.  I decided that I would make this car faster then the ZR1 and much better looking but still drive the same.  I then added the Twin Turbos which are all front mounted and a complete custom job no kit. Now we're talking power!!! Let me just say that I am a true fan of Corvettes never in my life have I seen, driven or ridden in a car with so much mods and it still drives like it did when it came off the floor. This car has never seen the track nor has it been raced or even pushed hard while being tuned.  I recently decided on adding the LSX 376 Engine to the car. The car has 13,106 miles but the engine is BRAND NEW, only dyno hours. The car is under warranty it has an extended 5yr 100,000 mile warranty the engine has a 2yr 50,000 mile warranty through Chevrolet.

Exterior- Starting at the front of the car  tinted headlights/fog lights, hid upgrades fog and upper, lazer jammers, race mesh lower grille, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber front splitter.  Car has carbon fiber door handles, carbon fiber side rocker, West Coast Corvette custom forged rims, Z06 Brake upgrade, powder coated rotors, Lowered 2”. Rear of the car… Carbon fiber rear diffuser corsa touring exhaust, midnight onyx taillights, carbon fiber spoiler, lazer jammers , camera.. You can watch others behind you on the tv screen.  This car also has red LED lighting in the wheel wells as well as in the front behind the grille.
In The Trunk- I had a complete trunk kit made by  Power Audio, for this car I needed some weight and some sound of course.  We went with the Memphis 10” slim fit.  The car has Matts 6 ½ components followed by an Alpine amp.  Corvette lights up red when trunk is open.
Inside The Car- I went with more Carbon Fiber.. I added all the carbon fiber door switches, carbon fiber console, ZR1 wheel carbon fiber backing, red LEDs, Alpine deck touchscreen, Laser  Jammers, carbon fiber shifter knob, Custom-made gauge pillars carbon fiber
Engine Bay- This is an area that turned out to be awesome. American Hydro Carbon built me all of my pieces real carbon. I then had everything air brushed by Dan Matthews in Palm Beach, FL.
Everything that was added to the car was produced in the US, besides some of the computer and stereo work.      
I am selling this car because it was meant solely as a project car for fun and I'm selling the finished product. This was a once in a lifetime dream that came true and I am happy to have the pictures to tell the story in the years to come.  I own this car and everything on it title in hand. Thanks  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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do you think if they remade smokey and the bandit he'd drive a corvette now instead of a transam? maybe a camaro, thoughts?  

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