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Need info on best performance mods

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/15/11 09:45 PM

Just bought a 1999 C5.  Would love a little more power so it will run with my other cars.  I am looking for the cat-back system that gives the best results (power / good sound rather than cost).  The same for the cold air system and the programmer.  Also would love to get feed-back on if headers are a good choice.  How about going to a cooler stat?  if so what temp?  I am really wanting the best mods for the buck.  Thanks  

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Posted: 12/15/11 10:13 PM

there are articles in the tech section..    and tons of articles that can be found in the search window above..

i did not want this post sitting unanswered.. there are SO many ways to go...   do you get both the corvette fever and the vette magazine from this site??? in print??

it takes a lot of money to make your corvette C5 run as fast as john forces funny cars...  ahh!!! but your C5 will corner a lot faster than johns cars will..

perhaps somebody will lend a hand..  or at least a few fingers to help..

why not start with the search window above right.. type in C5..    

changing to a lower temp thermostat does NOT increase horsepower.. it can cause the engine to overheat at the thermostat is now opening 17F or 37F cooler than the engine expects it to...   the ECM/PCM will see the lower temp and try to increase the temp by keeping the engine at a faster idle and enriching the fuel mixture..   reducing the fuel economy.. causing the cat to run hotter than spec..  and people will sell you stuff to correct the problem you caused by the swap in thermostat operating temp...    oh.. the thermostat will be wide open when the cooling fans finally come on..  and will never close throwing off the thermal stability of the engine and cooling system..  

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