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serpentine belt squeeking after being replaced about two weeks before.

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Posted: 05/23/11 02:35 PM

My 99 c5 has this problem, about 2 weeks after changing the belt for the third time, the belt still squeeks. I  have changed all the tenensiors and idler pulleys  

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Posted: 05/24/11 02:57 AM

i would like to know..      if you have a parasitic draw... discharging the battery overnight.. so the computer commands the alternator toward full output within a few seconds of starting..

what brand of belts are you using..

GM.. right from the dealer....    AC delco belts..     Gates..   Goodyear ??   Dayco...

i have found that some brands are thinner..  so the tensioner is not as tight...

i have found that some brands of tensioners may not have the same tension as the factory versions..  i have not tested every brand but i have noticed this on some brands..

pulley alignment is also critical...      gates has a  line a drive laser kits that some mechanics might have...   they strap to one of the pulleys.. shoot a laser beam to the other pulleys to check the alignment..

excessive crankshaft end play???? where the crank can slide forward and backward in the main bearings more than usual..  this is normally on stick shift cars that are driven in traffic with the owners foot on the clutch a LOT..   almost always better to select a lower transmission gear and use the throttle to control  your spacing between cars.. allowing additional room in front of your car to reduce the  caterpillar effect in traffic...  saves the clutch.. saves the brakes..    saves the tiny amount of wear on the thrust faces of the main bearings..  

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