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Rapidly flashing turn signal

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Posted: 05/22/11 07:40 PM

My dads '01's right turn signal recantly has been flashing rapidly, both the indicator inside and the light out side,once I noticed neither light worked. The hazards work just fine, anyone know what could be causing this problem?  

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Posted: 05/22/11 08:01 PM

turn on hazards......  walk all the way around the car.....  verify that every bulb is working as it should...

i bet that you will find at least ONE burned out bulb... or a bad ground on one.. probably on the right side...

compare.. left side bulbs with right side...   count them..  burned out bulbs will make things flash fast usually...  

each bulb has a number printed on it..  be sure to replace the bulb with a similar number...  

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