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Clutch Pedal Extension

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 01/31/11 12:21 PM

Bondra Performance Engineering - EZ Clutch Pedal Extension

This EZ Clutch Pedal Extension will fit all Corvettes with aluminum pedals without modifying or drilling your pedal. Installs in minutes. Made of High Impact ABS and engineered to fit your 2001-2004, Z06 and all 2006-2011 Corvettes with a manual transmission. Extends contact surface of pedal 40mm. Total Weight with Screws is 3.6oz.

Allows most drivers a more comfortable seating position so you don't have to sit so close to fully disengage your clutch. It also improves the fulcrum angle and slightly reduces the torque needed to apply the clutch. Will not alter clutch performance - designed only to improve the comfort and ergonomic position of the driver. You don't have to push your brake pedal all the way to the floor, but you do have to bottom out your clutch or risk burning it up. Vehicle ergonomics are set up to accomodate all drivers from the very tall to the very short, this compromises the seating position of most drivers.

This is the solution to that problem, it works perfectly and it looks great too!

Comes with EZ Clutch Pedal Extension, Backplate and 4 Stainless Steel Screws.

$49.00 + $7.99 shipping



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