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Installing a new air bag on drivers side

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Posted: 11/21/10 10:30 AM

I am attempting to install a driver's side airbag and not sure how to do it anyone know any thing about it? Confused  

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Posted: 11/21/10 10:48 AM


do not do anything without reading the factory service manual section 3 times...

factory service manuals are available from helm...  corvette suppliers..

the information is also available ONLINE..


these sites will have the info you need to do this installation.. with the proper knowledge to not blow the air bag up in your hands... and so it will work properly  next time its needed...

remember.. it has to work in 3 one thousands of a second..

it normally requires an air bag enabled scan tool also.. along with air bag simulators... to test the system without the chance of accidently inflating the various bags...  these plug into the connectors to simulate the air bag for testing verification before installing the new bags and returning it to the customer...  

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