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Replacing a 700R4 in a C4 ('86) with a '96 Corvette 6 speed std.

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Posted: 11/18/10 04:50 PM

In our shop we have a customers 1986 Corvette convertable with a 350 cid TPI and a 700R4 trans. We also have a 1996 Corvette 6-speed std. with the Bellhousing, clutch,flywheel from the '96. It was the LT4 engine (I hope I'm saying that right)(I'm not into the C5's or newer!) I need to know what I'm going to need to do to get it into the '85. Also where to get the clutch pedal and hydraulic M.cylinder to work on this car. Further, the '96 tranny doesn't have the shifter on it as it was sent off by a local hot rod shop that has gone defunct and no longer around. Is there a custom shifter that would work in this situation? Will everything fit the existing '86 engine?
Further, where to get the C4 std trans interior console plate. Does anyone make a shifter that will fit this set up and look close to right?
I greatly appreciate any help thru experience with this modification.  

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