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1980 L82 rear-end ratio

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Posted: 01/07/11 09:49 AM

I have a 1980 L82 that the former owner had mildly modified in the engine and drivetrain. I am trying to guess what the rear-end ratio is. I have a 3-speed Turbo 350, and I am turning about 2,500 rpm @ 55 mph. Does anyone know what that equates to? I know a 3:55 was available after-market and special order for that rear-end, and I'm guessing that's what he used. Many thanks!  

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Posted: 01/08/11 08:20 AM

here is one  of the many gear ratio calculators available online...

gear ratio calculator

if your tires are 26 inches all... it will be close to a 3.55...

did you see the articles in the tech section and in the magazine about installing a 700R4 into a late C3....  

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