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A/C control light

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/21/10 05:38 PM

have 2004 coupe with the dashboard light for the a/c and fan dims and comes back.  what can I do to fix this problem?  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 09/21/10 07:32 PM

i worry that you have a major short some where in your car...

i would like you to find somebody with a proper service manual for your car...   and a alternator /battery tester with an AMP clamp... hooked over the wires leading into the body...   remember.. you get power from the alternator and the battery..  so just observing one is wrong...

when the lights dim... i want to know how much power in addition is being drawn...   if the amp draw drops... and the amp clamp is on in the proper direction...   you might have a bad connection..  but.. i really worry about an electrical fire... and that will destroy your car..

i have dealt with other shorts in cars... there is one series of gm cars... the pontiac 6000... and the sister cars.. that had a problem with the AC and defrost power blowing the fusible link...  when a replacement was installed...  since there was little information for what size went where.. a larger fusible link or just hooked directly to the battery post at the starter happened...  a day or two later... smoke from the column.. followed my plumes of smoke and then fire.. as the whole dash boards burned up...  

the one car that i was working on...  that the short started before my eyes... i managed to unhook the battery...  then i pulled the whole dash board...   cut the harness open to find where it burned from... found that 18 inches from the ignition switch on the ac power circuit there was a place where the wire harness went over the top shield of the gas pedal... it shorted there... when i went to the junk yard looking for replacement harnesses...   all the cars of that design and motor were burned... in exactly the same place..  THEY WERE NOT CORVETTES>>.


i seem to recall seeing  a TSB on corvettes and camaros about a overheated terminal post under the hood... where the battery cable feeds out from to the rest of the car...   so your problem might be easily fixed...

i will return with a list of TSB's...  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 09/21/10 07:36 PM

here is the list of TSBs...    these are identified for most gm cars...    not just your car...

so don't freak out.. when you see the list...

Access Detailed Versions Through

Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 2004 Chevrolet Corvette V8-5.7L VIN G.

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
04006C FEB 06    Recall - Electronic Steering Column Lock System Defect
04043B NOV 04    Recall - Potential Control Arm Separation
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
05081 FEB 06    Campaign - Steering Column Lock Warranty Extension
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
03-08-44-005J JAN 10    Audio - Poor Radio Reception/Static Interference
99-08-51-007D JAN 10    Wheel - Refinishing Aluminum Wheels
09-03-10-017 DEC 09    Wheels/Tires - Replacement Wheel Weight Information
04-06-01-029D DEC 09    Vehicle - Engine Crankcase and Subsystems Flushing Info.
05-03-10-003E DEC 09    Wheels/Tires - Low Tire Pressure/Aluminum Wheels Leak
08-03-10-006B DEC 09    Wheels/Tires - Tire(s) Slowly Go Flat
00-07-30-009C NOV 09    A/T - Goodwrench®(R) Replacement Transmissions
05-06-01-034J NOV 09    Engine - Oil Leaks From Rear Cover
06-08-43-003B NOV 09    Wipers/Washers - Windshield Wiper Maintenance/Cleaning
00-03-10-006E NOV 09    Tires - Tire Radial Force Variation (RFV)
99-04-20-002F NOV 09    Drivetrain - Clunk Noise Shifting From PARK Into Gear
06-08-64-001B OCT 09    Body - Side Window Chipping Information
05-03-08-002C OCT 09    Suspension - Shock Absorber/Strut Leakage Information
06-08-50-009D OCT 09    Restraints - Passenger Presence System Information
06-00-89-031A OCT 09    Engine, A/T - Identification Information
06-08-111-004B SEP 09    06-08-111-004B - BULLETIN CANCELLATION NOTIFICATION
09-08-48-006 SEP 09    Body - Stain/Film On Windshield Glass Perimeter
09-08-56-003 SEP 09    Engine Controls - BCM Unsuccessfully Updated/No Start
02-07-30-052F SEP 09    A/T - Fluid Oil Cooler Flush
04-08-50-006C AUG 09    Interior - Seat Cover Wrinkle/Crease/Burn Info
04-06-04-047I AUG 09    Fuel System - 'TOP TIER' Detergent Gasoline Information
06-02-32-013B AUG 09    Steering - Power Steering Pump Replacement Tips
03-03-10-007E AUG 09    Wheels/Tires - OE Tire/Wheel Characteristics
99-08-64-016C JUL 09    Body - Maintaining Exterior Weatherstrip Appearance
03-07-29-004F JUL 09    M/T - Operating Characteristics
08-06-01-008A JUL 09    Engine - Drive Belt Misalignment Diagnostics
07-06-01-016B JUL 09    Engine - Noise/Damage Oil Filter Application Importance
08-03-10-004A JUL 09    Wheels/Tires - Accessory Wheel & Tire Information
05-08-51-008C JUN 09    Body - Bumps or Rust Colored Spots in Paint
07-07-30-010B JUN 09    A/T Controls - Snapshot Data Upload Information
99-01-39-004C JUN 09    A/C - Musty Odors Emitted From (HVAC) System
03-08-48-006F MAY 09    A/C - Window Defroster Contact/Tab Repair Information
06-08-44-015B MAY 09    Audio System - Noise When Using Portable Playback Unit
02-08-44-007D MAY 09    OnStar(R) - Negative Impact of Cloth/Vinyl Roofs
01-08-42-001G MAY 09    Lighting - Exterior Lamp Condensation Guidelines
07-08-49-020C APR 09    Instruments - IPC Odometer Programming Reference Guide
08-03-10-005A MAR 09    Wheels/Tires - Chrome/Steel Valve Stem Cap Precautions
00-05-22-002L MAR 09    Brakes- Disc Brake Warranty Service And Procedures
04-03-10-001E MAR 09    Wheels/Tires - Tire Puncture Repair Procedures
09-08-48-002A MAR 09    Body - Marks/Stains on Windshield When Wet
08-08-44-010F MAR 09    Navigation Radio - Diagnostic Tips
09-09-40-001 FEB 09    Restraints - Seat Belt Warning Lamp On/Buckling Issues
06-00-89-051C FEB 09    Locks - Key Code Security Rules And Information
02-08-98-002C FEB 09    Body - Hem Flange Rust Repair Information
01-07-30-036H JAN 09    A/T Control - DTC P0756 Diagnostic Tips
07-08-98-001A JAN 09    Body - Non-Approval of Clipping For Collision Repair
00-00-90-002J JAN 09    Tires - Correct Inflation Pressure Information
05-03-10-020B JAN 09    Tire - Use Of Nitrogen Gas In Tires
07-08-64-022B JAN 09    Instruments - Unnecessary Park Assist Mirror Replacement
01-06-01-011E DEC 08    Gasoline Engine - Oil Consumption Guidelines
08-08-42-005A DEC 08    Lighting - Headlamp Replacement Guidelines
04-07-30-017B NOV 08    A/T - Revised Converter Check Valve/Cooler Line Fitting
01-07-30-032E SEP 08    A/T - 4T65E Fluid Leaking From A/T Vent
00-00-89-027E SEP 08    Interior - Elimination Of Unwanted Odors
08-08-46-006 SEP 08    Audio System - XM(R) Terrestrial Repeater Changes
05-03-10-005D SEP 08    Wheels/Tires - Upsized Wheel/Tire Characteristics
02-08-42-001C SEP 08    Lighting - Headlamp Polycarbonate Lens Damage Prevention
08-08-44-028 AUG 08    Audio - Inadvertent Steering Wheel Button Activation
08-08-46-004 AUG 08    OnStar(R) - Aftermarket Device Interference Information
08-08-44-026 AUG 08    Audio System - Refurbishing Radio Faceplates/Knobs
08-07-30-035 AUG 08    A/T - Water Or Coolant Contamination Information
05-06-04-022E AUG 08    Fuel System - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (Canada)
03-06-04-060B JUL 08    Ignition System - New Spark Plugs & Gapping Info.
02-06-03-008D JUL 08    Charging System - Low Voltage Display/Battery Discharged
05-06-02-001A JUL 08    Cooling System, A/C - Aluminum Heater Cores/Radiators
05-03-07-009B JUN 08    Alignment - Specifications/Requirements/Recommendations
08-08-64-011 JUN 08    Mirrors - Heated Mirror Defrosting Time
08-08-44-023 JUN 08    Navigation Radio - Adaptation After Radio/Battery R&R
05-00-89-072B JUN 08    Engine/Fuel System - Oil/Fuel Additive Information
00-07-30-022D JUN 08    A/T - 4L60/65E, No Reverse/2nd or 4th Gear
08-07-30-027 JUN 08    A/T - No Movement in Drive or 3rd Gear
08-07-30-008B JUN 08    A/T - Diagnostic Information for DTC's P0894/P1870
08-07-30-026 MAY 08    A/T - Slight Vehicle Movement In Park At Start Up
08-03-10-007 MAY 08    Tires - Minimizing Damage to TPM Sensors
01-07-30-010C MAY 08    A/T - Torque Converter Replacement Information
08-03-16-003 MAY 08    Tire Monitor System - TPM Sensor Information
04-06-04-036E MAY 08    Emission - Emissions Programming Warranty Coverage
03-07-30-007E MAY 08    A/T - Gear Engagement Time Information
08-07-30-009B MAY 08    A/T - 4T80E, Slips in Gear/L/H Axle Seal Leaks
05-06-03-002C APR 08    Battery/Charging System - Electrical Diagnostics Info.
02-06-03-009C APR 08    Electrical - Battery Charging Tips/Recommendations
00-06-01-012C APR 08    Engine - Use of 'Surface Conditioning Disks'
08-08-47-001 MAR 08    Keyless Access System - Information/Operation
08-08-51-002 MAR 08    Body - TPO Fascia Cleaning Prior to Painting
08-09-41-003 FEB 08    Restraints - Usage of Used/Salvaged/Imitation Components
05-00-89-078B FEB 08    Fuel System - GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS(R) Info.
06-06-04-035A FEB 08    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Precaution
06-06-01-010A FEB 08    Exhaust System - Catalytic Converter Precautions
00-08-48-005C FEB 08    Body - Vehicle Glass Distortion Information
04-03-10-012B FEB 08    Wheels - Chrome Wheel Brake Dust Accumulation/Pitting
01-05-23-001B JAN 08    Brakes - Rotor Lateral Runout Correction Information
99-08-52-005C JAN 08    Keyless Entry System - Characteristics of Operation
08-01-38-001 JAN 08    A/C - Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling/Equipment
05-06-02-002B JAN 08    Cooling System - DEX-COOL®(R) Coolant Leak Detection Dye
00-08-46-004C JAN 08    OnStar(R) - Re-establishing OnStar(R) Communications
99-09-40-005E JAN 08    Seat Belts - Seat Belt Extender Availability
02-08-46-006C JAN 08    OnStar(R) - Incorrect GPS Position Reported During Call
05-08-46-004B JAN 08    OnStar(R) - Number Incorrect/Incorrectly Assigned
04-07-30-037D NOV 07    A/T - Dexron®(R)-VI Fluid Information
02-08-46-007C NOV 07    OnStar(R) - Loss of GPS Signal/Hands Free Issues
03-00-89-008D NOV 07    Body - Metal Body Panel Corrosion Protection
05-06-01-010B SEP 07    Engine - Sealant Usage/Procedures
07-08-45-002 SEP 07    Electrical - Aftermarket Fuse Warning
03-06-03-001D AUG 07    Starting System - Starter Cranks After Key Released
05-06-04-035C JUL 07    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Precautions
05-08-44-005A JUL 07    Entertainment System - Headphone Foam Pad Replacement
07-08-63-001 APR 07    Body - Polypropylene Energy Absorber Replacement
07-08-44-007 APR 07    Navigation System - Replacement Navigation Discs
02-08-42-004A MAR 07    Instruments - Reduced PRNDL Display Visibility
07-06-01-002 MAR 07    Engine - Revised Connecting Rod Bolt Torque
07-03-10-003 FEB 07    Wheels - Surface Irregularities at base of Spokes
04-07-30-013B FEB 07    Engine, A/T - Shift/Driveability Concerns/MIL ON
04-06-04-054A JAN 07    Engine Controls - Aftermarket Accessory Usage
06-00-89-054 NOV 06    Warranty - Claims Submission
06-00-89-050 NOV 06    Warranty - DTC's Required On Repair Orders
01-07-31-002B NOV 06    M/T - Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Procedure Improvement
00-06-04-033B OCT 06    Emissions - OBDII I/M Readiness Testing
02-08-98-001C OCT 06    Body - Metal Panel Adhesive Bonding Information
04-06-05-006A SEP 06    Exhaust System - Jingling Noises On Deceleration
01-07-30-038D SEP 06    A/T - Poor Performance/MIL ON/DTC P0757
06-03-10-010 SEP 06    Wheels - Changing Procedures/Precautions
00-06-02-006D AUG 06    Cooling System - Coolant Recycling Information
06-06-04-037 AUG 06    Engine Controls - MIL Function During I/M Testing
00-03-10-002D AUG 06    Wheels Chrome Wheel Chemical Staining/Pitting/Corrosion
06-01-39-007 JUL 06    A/C - Contaminated R134A Refrigerant
04-07-30-037B JUN 06    A/T - Dexron®(R) VI Fluid Availability
03-07-30-043A MAY 06    A/T - Shift Lock Control Feature Function
06-06-04-030 MAY 06    Fuel System - E85 Refueling Station Information
03-04-20-006A MAY 06    Drivetrain - Rear Differential Fluid Leaks
06-08-45-004 MAY 06    Electrical - Instrument Panel & General Wiring Repair
06-08-67-004 APR 06    Body - Power Folding Top Tonneau Inoperative
02-08-48-001B MAR 06    Body - Urethane Adhesives for Glass Applications
02-06-04-015A MAR 06    Starting System - Engine No Start/No Crank Condition
06-03-10-004 MAR 06    Tires/Wheels - Wheel Weight Usage Precautions
02-06-05-004B FEB 06    Accessories - DTC's P0300, P1380, P1381
05-08-44-029A FEB 06    Audio System - Radio Knob Availability
04-08-46-002B FEB 06    OnStar(R) - Unable to Connect, Bulletin Cancellation
04-07-30-028A JAN 06    A/T - 4T65-E Fluid Leaks From Reverse Servo Cover
04-06-04-051B JAN 06    Fuel System - Fuel Injector Maintenance Cleaning
05-09-41-010 DEC 05    SRS - New SIR System Disabling Procedure
05-03-10-019 DEC 05    Tires - Run Flat/Zero Pressure Tire Info./Service
99-08-51-001A NOV 05    Body - Paint-Less Dent Repair Recommendations
02-01-39-004B NOV 05    A/C - New PAG Oil
05-06-04-041A NOV 05    Instruments - Erratic Fuel gauge Readings/DTC P0463 Set
01-07-30-030B OCT 05    A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E Harsh 1-2 Upshift Diagnosis
01-07-30-041B OCT 05    A/T - Diagnosing Fluid Leaks
01-07-30-002E SEP 05    Electrical - A/T Stuck in 2nd/3rd Gear/MIL ON/DTC's
02-07-30-024B AUG 05    A/T - Cracked Case Diagnosis
03-06-04-012A AUG 05    Electrical - Harness Connection Inspection
05-02-35-004 JUL 05    Steering - Revised Steering Column Service
04-08-48-001B JUN 05    A/C - Broken Rear Window Defogger Grid Detection
05-03-10-004 APR 05    Tire Monitor System - Tire Mounting/Dismounting Cautions
00-08-46-002A APR 05    OnStar(R) - Cellular Antenna Replacement Parts
05-03-08-004 MAR 05    Suspension - Revised Front/Rear Ball Joint Torque Specs.
03-05-24-001A MAR 05    Brakes - Wheel Cylinder Inspection Guidelines
00-08-46-003B FEB 05    Instruments - GPS System Performance Degradation
03-09-41-003A FEB 05    Restraints - Air Bag System Diagnostics
04-06-03-016 DEC 04    Battery - Specification Label Clarification
03-08-98-002A OCT 04    Body - Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding/Equipment
01-01-38-006D SEP 04    A/C - R-134a System Flushing Procedures
04-08-68-002 SEP 04    Cruise Control - Increasing Set Speed
04-07-31-005 AUG 04    M/T - Clutch Pressure Plate Wear Indicator Adjustment
01-03-10-009A JUL 04    Wheels - Plastic Wheel Nut Covers Loose/Missing
04-07-30-025A JUL 04    A/T - 4L60-E/-4L65E No Shift/Slipping/Fluid Leaks
04-08-51-003 JUL 04    Body - Rear Hatch Blistering
02-06-03-010A JUL 04    Battery - Parasitic Drain
04-06-00-047 JUN 04    Fuel - Top Tier Detergent Gasoline Information
04-06-04-045 JUN 04    Instruments - Oil Life Monitoring System
04-06-05-007 JUN 04    Exhaust System - Intermediate Pipe Now Available
04-08-98-001 MAY 04    Body - Metal Panel Bonding Additional Material
04-07-30-023 MAY 04    A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E New Pump/Seal/Case/Service
04-06-04-031 APR 04    Fuel System - Difficult Vehicle Refueling
04-06-01-013 APR 04    Engine - Serpentine Drive Belt Wear Information
04-02-35-003 FEB 04    Steering - Steering Wheel/Column Service Revisions
04-08-50-005 FEB 04    Interior - Seat Back(s) Twisting
04-07-30-006 FEB 04    A/T - 4L65E, 4L60E, 4L60, 200-4R Oil Pump Spring
04-01-37-001 JAN 04    A/C - Control Knob Replacement Availability
03-08-42-012 NOV 03    Lighting - Auto Lamps Operate Erratically/Inoperative
03-07-30-056 NOV 03    A/T - 4L60-E Oil Pump Identification
01-01-38-013A OCT 03    A/C - Unnecessary Compressor Replacement
02-06-04-022A OCT 03    Engine Controls - PCM Reprogramming/Data line Diagnosis
03-00-89-021 JUL 03    Instruments - DIC Perceived Fuel Economy Settings
01-01-39-003A JUL 03    A/C - Catastrophic Compressor Failure Debris Removal
03-07-30-027 JUN 03    A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing Frequently Asked Questions
89358 NOV 88    Battery - Diagnosis and Charging

the one in bolt might be it...   i will have to search in a little while..    check back tomorrow evening....i should have found the link i was thinking about by then...

i seem to recall it does mention a problem much like your description...  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 09/22/10 12:14 AM

i looked around...  cannot find what i was thinking of..

but.. follow the positive battery cables...   they go to a stud with a nut to clamp several of them together.. they then go off to different areas...

disconnect the negative cable...  pull the negative cable away from any chance of it coming into contact with the post...    now it should be safe to unscrew the nut and wire brush the post and the ring terminals..

if you find the post overheated. discolored or plastic melted.. you will need to replace it..

i cannot remember where i saw this info...  but its sticking in the back of my head as a possible problem on your car...

you still need to monitor your battery and charging system current flow with a DC AMP CLAMP ... this will take 2 people .. one watching the gauges on the amp clamp.. one watching the dashboard and listening.. or monitoring the voltage on the cooling fan...  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/22/10 12:01 PM

thanks for the ideas

now i have someplace to look  

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