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New Member water pump

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Posted: 10/10/10 04:51 PM

Removed water pump and sent it off to be rebuilt.  I'm wanting to change hoses, optispark, wires, and thermostat while I'm in there.  Any advice on suppliers and brands that have held up well would be appreciated.  

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Posted: 10/10/10 05:09 PM

you might want to read some of the articles on it..

there are check valves and filters to install to make sure that you don't loose your optispark...

you might also want to examine the coil... verify that there are no burn marks around the outside of the windings near the inside of external frame..  

Opti-Spark Options

The Opti-spark distributor is positioned on the front of the engine underneath the water pump, and works well in its designed environment--when it works. ...

2. Opti-Spark Ignition System Tune-Up
Don't be afraid that you can't even see your distributor. With new MSD goodies, you too can tackle the Opti-Spark tune-up.

3. Corvette LT1 MSD Distributor - The OptiSpark Option
MSD comes to the LT1's rescue with its Pro-Billet distributor to replace the infamous OptiSpark ignition system

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